About the Organization

Milwaukee Hmong Consortium

The Milwaukee Hmong Consortium consists of the two member organizations;Hmong American Friendship Association (HAFA), Inc. and Shee Yee Community of Milwaukee, Inc. Both organizations serve as the governing board of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year and each takes turn to serve as the fiscal agent of the New Year.

New Year Planning Committee

The Milwaukee Hmong New Year Planning Committee is a volunteer-based organization established under the Joint Resolution of the Milwaukee Hmong Consortium for the purpose of planning and executing the Milwaukee Hmong New Year celebration.

We strive to preserve, promote, and celebrate the Hmong culture for all people. The current members of this committee consists of veterans of the Milwaukee Hmong New Year Planning Committee with several years of experience, community leaders, professionals from the Milwaukee area businesses and educational institutions, and young, energetic, enthusiastic college students.

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